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How much assistance do you provide for my website?

January 29, 2010     0 comments

Ositcom  will assist you with all support for services provided directly through . will help you with basic settings for your email software and ftp client, as well as assists you with using the web browser control panel. is not responsible for teaching you how to use another company's products. Example: will assist you with the settings for using MS Frontpage, but we will not teach you how to actually use the product itself. You need to contact the software maker in such a situation, who provides tech support for how to use their product. cannot even attempt to support all the thousands of software products on the market. will attempt to provide some tech support for the most popular programs our clients use. is not responsible for assisting with your own programs and cgi scripts. If you choose to install your own programs and cgi scripts on your site, you are responsible fully for installing them. will provide support for any program or cgi script that we provide pre-installed with your web hosting package. is not responsible for designing, nor developing, your website, including HTML and/or images. will attempt to give a quick look at your design/development problem, and offer a suggestion if it is a small issue. Anything complicated relating to design/development is not the responsibility of

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