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Uploading files to your site

January 29, 2010     0 comments

You can begin uploading to your account now by using an ftp client or cPanel's  file manager
If you are using an ftp put in your sites ip address under the "host address" field. Once your ftp is connected go into the "public_html" folder and begin uploading to your site. To replace the default place holder page you must upload an index.html in all lowercase lettering.

Note: "" should be your sites IP address until your dns has prorogated.

  • Your reseller control panel is located at
  • Your control panel is located at
  • Your webmail is located at
  • You can view your site before the dns has prorogated at http://iphere/~usernamehere/
    Note: Don't forget the trailing / and the ~
  • Everywhere it says youriphere put YOUR IP FROM WELCOME EMAIL. 
  • RESELLERS: Never give access to a demo account! Almost Every demo account we find on our servers are filled with hacking files that result in server down time. If you wish to use a demo you are more then welcome to use our secured demo

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